a little introduction

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I'm not really good at introducing myself but here it goes

I'm Shana and I've lived my whole life in tiny Belgium. I have a loving family who usually support me in my life choices.

I've always wanted a little spot for myself on the internet and this all started by creating a myspace when I was 14. I got help from my friends in the beginning to create my own design for my page and later on I got pretty good at it and didn't need any help anymore. I'm not going to say I'm that good with HTML or CSS, some of these codes still look like Chinese to me, but I know the basics. So after myspace got deserted I started browsing on the internet for other places. I discovered a lot of blogs on beauty and lifestyle and loved reading them but the designs always looked so difficult to make myself and didn't think I had it in me to make something like that myself, gradually I kind of forgot about creating that little place for myself on the internet as I became older, although my interest in beauty and fashion, alongside my passion for art and gaming, never faded. So about a year ago I got into reading blogs again and I noticed that a lot of these blogs had the words "blogspot" in the URL. I decided to look up whatever it was and eventually ended up on Blogger.

I doubted for so long and finally the one thing that got me over that line, over that little bit of doubt I had was the one man that will always motivate me, Sean Flanery. He has a blog himself and I love reading it. It's more about motivating people in actually doing something with their lives than just sitting here and wasting it away until we are old and grey. I think it is better sometimes to be able to look back at certain events in the past and say "Wauw, I can't believe I did that!" than say "I can't believe I didn't do that." So that was my motivation to get me over that line and start my own blog and I'm not going to claim that I'm good at it but I love doing it.  Now I have to possibility to have that place for myself again and even change and design new things to add or remove so it really becomes a place of my own.

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