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This is a post to show you my artistic side. I've started drawing when i was 6, my dad inspired me because he made me a beautiful drawing of Frank and Frey from the Disney movie and I also wanted to do that, to be as good as that or even better. So I started off and year after year family members told me to go to an art school but I didn't want to. I didn't want people to give me rules and techniques on how to draw.. I just wanted to do my own thing.. When I was 14, I suddenly stopped drawing for two years and I lost a lot of the feeling and perspective I had gained in those previous years but my dad encouraged me again to start all over because he didn't want another daugther wasting her skills and talents because she didn't feel like going on (my sister was also good at drawing). So when I was 16 I started all over again, learning everything again by myself and getting the old skills back to what they were supposed to be and now 3.5 years later this is the result of my own hard work. 

Norman Mark Reedus - Sean Patrick Flanery


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