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Every day I hear bad music on the radio and I don't even listen to the radio that often and it gets worse every single time but once and a while there's this song that just keeps repeating in my head and I never could get tired of. Well here are ten songs that I could listen to all day long, they're songs from movies, series or just found on Youtube.

1. Line of Blood - Ty Stone
This is a song from The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. I love the song and the scene that it is used in.
YES naked men indeed. How can anybody resist the MacManus brothers naked under the shower.

It's one of the most creepy songs to have in a horror series so I LOVE IT! Well it's a nice song but in the horror context it is awesome. When you listen to that song and the intro theme of American Horror Story in the dark, it's just well creepy. 

I love the guy his voice, period. 

This is just awesome and everybody knows it. 

My dad made me love this song when I was just a little girl and still love it so much. 

Kim Wilde
I've been a fan of Metallica since well forever, the black album is my favorite because well all their good songs are on that album. Like Sad But True, Of Wolf and Man, Nothing Else Matters... Can't be bad now can it? 

I wish I could sing like that, I try, really hard but I'll just have to except I can't and listen to her sing all my life. 

This always makes me very emotional and a bit sad but it's a wonderful song and want you all to listen to it and well it's Bruce Springsteen. Listening to Bruce brings back wonderful memories from his performance in Germany I went to with Valerie. Lovely memories

My favorite romantic song, I don't mind listening to this one ten times in a row. I'll always love it. It makes me think of what a wonderful boyfriend I have and how lucky I really am.

No explanation needed, it's AC-DC for Christ's sake


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  1. I'd never thought you'd pick a Springsteen song and then on the other hand, it would be logical as you've seen him with me :D I love the River too, it's such a sad song and gets me everytime *cry*. I really like the first song too (BDS), it makes me happy :D xx