Red lips

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I love wearing make up and especially eyeliner and lipstick. I have way too many differents sorts of lipstick but there is just one problem, my lips get extremely dry after a day or two. This problem has to be solved because I know I'm not the only one. I'm sure that this won't help for any. So what i did was:

1. Scrub your lips with a scrub specially for your lips - don't try to do it with a scrub for any other body parts or you'll probably ruin your lips.. - you also don't have to do this every day, i do this once every week. I have this one, the bubblegum lip scrub by Lush

If you can't find any scrubs for your lips, these will also help:
- paste of sugar and honey
- sugarcube
- a wet toothbrush
- a rough towel

2. Apply a cream that hydrates your lips very well because that's what we are going after, gorgeous hydrated lips. I use this lip balm with aloë vera by Bodyshop

But of course you can use any hydrating lip balm or lip butter. Just make sure your lips can handle it and that it hydrates really well.
Or if you don't have any lip balms you can also use a layer of Vaseline.

If you like to make your lip cream yourself you can make one with a hydrating creme and some honey. Apply it at night and you'll have beautiful lips the next day.

3. Apply a moisturizing foundation over your lips - I use the same as I use to apply on my face. - This makes sure your lipstick stays in place for at least a few hours. I use this foundation with SPF 15 by Bodyshop

I choose this foundation because it's the first one I've ever found that exactly matched my skin tone since I have an extremely light skin and I always looked a bit too brown or orange in my opinion with other foundations. I also have a light natural lip colour so this also matches very well with my lips

4. Apply your lipstick - it's always good to get a hydrating lipstick.
I usually use Rouge Satin 060 by Catrice or the Chanel lipstick my mom gave me

5. Go over your lipstick with one of those white lipsticks or lipgloss to keep your lipstick in place.

This keeps my lips good and ready to wear lipstick for at least 4 or 5 days. I still need a day or 2 without to let them recover a bit. I always keep a butter cream close to me in my purse for whenever I get the feeling my lips are going dry. Just remove you lipstick, apply the butter cream and re-apply the lipstick.

So that's it. This is my own method to keep my lips healthy and good looking.

Tomorrow's post will be a late one, because I'll be gone all day with my sister Sheila.


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