World End Comics

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Today I'm taking you on a visit to my favorite Comic Book Store. Yes I love reading comics! I do have my favorites of course, i'm a big DC/image/Dark Horse fan.

I can't show you the outside of the store. I forgot to take a picture of it. It's a simple small store with black walls and I shoppingwindow crammed with comic books and board games. I'm sad it's located in one of the most filthy streets in the city because it's a wonderful store.

This is the inside - sorry about the blurryness. The camera in my phone is a good one but I was cold and a bit shaky. It's a very simple store with wooden cabinets to store all the comics in them. I think I've been going there for more then a year now but I still don't know some of the things he has. I discover new things everytime I go there.

The DC - Wildstorm - Vertigo section: 
I usually only go through the DC comics because I'm always looking for the Gotham City Sirens. Still they only have one book and it's not the first one so I can't buy it. 

And now for me it's fangirling time. This is the section I NEVER skip. I always check out the the Walking Dead books. You can see the compendium 2 on the previous pictures. But here it is! Damn I wish I could own these all! 

And they also sell these fun figurines and statues. Which we also collect. We found a very rare Catwoman statue there once, best buy of my boyfriend his life I think. 

So this is my comic book store, they're good, they're cheap and I feel at home right there. 


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