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Yesterday one of my friends asked me what my favorite kind of music is and well she just got total shocked. On music I never changed a bit since the whole emo-scene period I went through. I'm still a sucker for metal, hardcore and deathcore but also for classical rock. So here's a list of my fave bands of all time (in no specific order - you can click the title of the songs to listen if you want too)

Bring Me The Horizon

When I first got to know this band they were like this really emo band you know and then their album Suicide Season was a whole new turn for this band. I really loved it but I still love their old songs as well. 
Favorite old song: For Stevie Wonder's Eyes Only 
Favorite new song: Chelsea Smile










Favorite song: Blind Me









System Of A Down

Favorite song: Cigaro - this song has crazy lyrics








The Black Dahlia Murder

Favorite song: Built For Sin







Drowning Pool

Favorite song: Bodies







Papa Roach

Favorite song : Last Resort









Parkway Drive









The Devil Wears Prada

Favorite song: Still Fly









Pearl Jam 

Favorite song: Black 










Favorite song: Sad But True










Favorite song: Vicarious









Enter Shikari












Favorite song: I Will Be Heard










Favorite song: Right Side Of Bed

Job For A Cowboy

Favorite song: Entombment Of A Machine









Rise Against

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  1. I'm so looking forward to GMM after this post haha! I used to like BMTH too, but I don't like them as "humans" haha if that makes sense. Saw them live once and they were great although I would have liked to hit Oli Sykes in the head, he was such a troll because at the end of the show they put on techno music and every single metal head RAN away!

  2. Thanks for your lovley comment on my blog and sure I follow you back :)

    Seems like we love the same music :)

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  3. Ace music taste. I love BMTH, Metallica, Atreyu and Black Dahlia Murder. Wanna know something cool? Today in school I was thinking about how much I wanted to get home and listen to 'Right Side Of The Bed'!