London Prep

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So in 2 weeks I'm going to London again! It's a schooltrip but I'm okay with it. We have lots of time for ourselves, we practically have to get everywhere ourselves and we can do whatever we want as long as we show up in time for the obligatory activities. So I started to do some planning.

There are some things I really have to do this time, I went sight seeing like a real tourist last time I was in London even though it wasn't my first time there. Now I want to search for DVD's, CD's and band patches. So I was thinking that maybe all of you UK readers or inhabitants of London could help me out a bit by telling me where to look.

What am I looking for?
On the DVD's and CD's, 2ndhand will do just fine, most of my DVD's are from 2ndhand stores and as long as they work and don't have too many scratches or other damages on the box I will be very pleased. So any addresses on where to go will be very welcome + I live in Belgium so the region thing is no problem and anyway my laptop plays everything.

For patches, look at my post from yesterday or click HERE. I love hardcore, metal, rock those kinds of things and would love some new patches to decorate my stuff with. (I have some awesome plans with my bag) I heard Camden is good for finding those but I'm sure there are other places, if you know some let me know. All help is welcome.

Thanks for listening darlings, you can post the addresses and any help in the comment section.


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