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I'm a real geek, but you probably all know that by now. I love video games, movies, series.. I don't go out that much (but when I do go out I'm usually drunk as fuck) and last night after my boyfriend went to bed at 9.00 pm I started thinking about some movies I really need to re-watch just because I love them so much. Many of these I've only discovered recently and have one of my favorite actors in them, or even both and yes you all know who they are.

P.S. You can click the title of each movie to see the trailer.

1. The Boondock Saints 
The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day

No need in telling you again and explaining again what a Boondock Saints fan I am, I just am (except it - i talk about it all the time) - I took these together to keep my perfect list of 10 movies, otherwise I'd have 11 and that doesn't sound as nice and also because 2 is the sequel of course. 

I don't know how many times I've seen the first Boondock Saints but I can tell you I can almost recite the entire movie while I'm watching it and know the end of the movie by heart. It's just that amazing YES! I don't know 2 that well, Eunice Bloom annoys me a bit too much to watch it over and over like I do with the first one (I loved Willem Dafoe in the first one as Paul Smecker) but still there are some scenes I can recite and that I could watch again for a thousand times. 

So I have for you here my fave scenes from both movies (click the title to see the vid) :

2. Gossip

I love Gossip because it is a movie that stands close to what we do all day long, telling stories to each other about other people and I can't say I don't like it because I do like it but I love it so much that this movie shows how dangerous it can be. 

Plus I love Travis, he is so shy and socially awkward, totally my kind of man. 

"I don't know, but I bet he gets laid a lot." - Travis 

3. Floating

I couldn't find the trailer so I gave you a little funny thing from this movie. 

I love this movie a lot and I have no idea why, it's just the whole thing and it was Reedus his first movie. You can't find it on dvd anymore but you find it on youtube if you want to watch it. 

"I had it. The white picket fence life. Good family. Good friends. Good life. Then my dad blew it. Screwed himself up in a car accident. My mom couldn't take it, so she split... taking most of our money with her. I was kinda depressed for awhile, but now I'm doin' all right. " - Van

This is such a weird movie, Harry has like no game with the girls and still he's so cute. You have to see the complete movie to understand it. I was so shocked in the end but still GREAT MOVIE and so underrated

"Cats are very clean animals" - Harry Odum

YES Jensen Ackles AND Sean Patrick Flanery!
This is real girly movie but I will convince my boyfriend to watch it with me because now in my head this is so much more than just a girls movie. It's a funny movie that gives you that good feeling after watching it. 

"Poor Julia has to walk home with Bradley. And then she's forced to stay with him for 45 whole minutes, until I get there." - Noah 

Another amazing girl movie with Buffy the Vampire Slayer! It's just such a magical movie and it also makes you feel amazing after watching. 

This gave me a Grease combines with West Side Story without the singing feeling. It's about gang wars in 1958 with those amazing hairstyles and clothes I love to death. I should put a warning on this one, I cried like a little baby at the end of it. And it's so awesome to see so many people in this movie who also play a character in The Sopranos and many more.

"You know what I'm gonna do when I get out? I'm gonna get me a nice, cold beer. A slice of Sicilian. Nice piece of ass. And then you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna find the rat fucker that put me in here, and slice his motherfuckin throat from ear to ear. " - Marco 

8.The Beatnicks

This, just this, I can't get over Norman Reedus as a poet. Almost fainted the first time I saw it and heard him recite his poetry and it's such a weird movie, I can't explain it. 

"it is in, it is I, I am it, ain't I, it is not what I am not, am I, I am a man, a man in nomansland" - Nick Nero
9. Crystal River

Couldn't find a trailer so a movie clip will have to convince 
This movies also needs a "you-are-going-to-cry-at-the-end"-warning and this one is also a really girly movie with a lot of drooling in it for us fangirls. 

10. Blade 2

This needs no explanation, it's BLADE!! and of course Scud as in stud

"Lock up your daughters, boys and girls, the Dark Knight returns." - Scud

So now I realise I could just call this my movies with Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery list and I love them all! and i've seen many more than just these haha. 


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