Saint Patrick's Day

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I may not be Irish but it's kind of tradition in my family to celebrate it with loads of beer. Sadly it was a bit of a shorter one this year because I have a test today of my Social Law course but it still was good.

We always head of to the same pub on Saint Paddy's, a pub where the Boondock Saints fans are very present and this year we even got to watch the movie in the pub. Which was awesome, I was able to fangirl all over the MacManus Brothers without being calles crazy and believe me I did some serious ultimate fangirling over Connor MacManus.

We're all Irish tonight 

Further than that my dad was drunk as fuck and today my brain feels like pulp so I don't think I can write so much more today. I'm trying to remember everything for my test in a couple of hours.

Anyway I hope you all enjoyed Saint Patrick's Day yourself. But how did you celebrate it?


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