The babysitter

9:05 AM Miss Kitty Heart 2 Comments

Saturday is usually one of those days in my weekend I go babysitting the children of my moms boss for a couple of hours. They are such sweeties so I decided that I'd share this with you today.

They have 3 children, Clement, Laurence and Alexine (they're dutch names so they mind sound a bit weird to you)

Clement is a total sucker for playing videogames, they have a playstation 3 and a wii and he plays a lot of games on his mom's iPhone (wish I had one myself but they're so expensive) 

And here we have the youngest member Alexine. She's adorable and my heart always melts when I see her, she has those deep blue eyes to drown in. She'll probably turn out quite the heartbreaker when she gets older, I just know it.


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