GoT hair tutorial : Daenerys Targaryan - Khaleesi

12:02 AM Miss Kitty Heart 3 Comments

So I love braiding my hair and Game of Thrones, all the women have these gorgeous hair do's but I'm very very fond of the hair of Khaleesi, not just because of its gorgeous color but also of the hair do itself.

So I decided that I might give it a try myself. I do like the messy style better though so I didn't really mind it that it's not perfect. To be honest, my bangs are to short for it but I managed somehow. I'm also sorry for my messy bathroom but it's the only mirror we have that's big enough to take pictures in.

I made a 15 step picture guide of how to do it. I was satisfied with the result although it not entirely the same.

Hope you enjoyed it and got inspired ;)


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  1. I am definitely doing this :)

  2. I love it! I wanted to do a tutorial like this but my hair is back in layers so it's impossible haha :D ♥ khaleesi!!


  3. What a nice braid!
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper