Prepare yourself... EXAMS ARE COMING

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I hate exams, I'm always totally unprepared for them and I have the strangest urges during my examperiode but aside from this I'll let you in on some other things I do during this periode.

I'm a very ritualized person, I drink about the same amount of coffee, tea and water every day, I can't get up or go to be bed without leaving a goodmorning/goodnight message on my twitter. I can't sleep without saying goodnight to my cats and so forth.So during my exams this gets even worse.

I have an obsession with watching tv shows and series, not the stupid once that go on for years and years and don't have any story whatsoever. Okay I watched Friends and Sex and the City but those had a little of story in them and I had my fun watching them. But after these I set my eye on series like Walking Dead, The Sopranos and dear lord DEXTER! My christmas gift last year from my boyfriend made this even worse, he bought me the first 5 seasons of the popular Showtime series and I was so thrilled! - I got to know Dexter by accident on a channel that we have here in Belgium, it's called 2BE, and they showed the entire first season, each week a new episode, but after that I kept waiting and waiting for the second season and it didn't came. The first season didn't get enough viewers for a channel so big so they cancelled it and sadly I was hooked - So after I got this wonderful present my exams where coming and I started to watch an episode each night, sometimes more than one, so hard to resist that next episode, and so it became my new addiction during studying.

Apart from Dexter I always rewatch the first two seasons of Skins, a show that came to me thanks to one our music channels that also have tv-shows and show movies occasionally. I love the first two season with the first generation of characters. I always stick to those 'cause I'm really fond of this generation with my favorite characters Chris (Joe Dempsie) and Maxxie (Mitch Hewer)

But enough about tv-series now.. my second addiction has to be reading. I read a lot during the semester but it gets so much worse during my examperiode. So at the beginning of this period I make one of my trips to our huge library and start browsing for books. As a big fan of the Lord Of The Rings franchise I thought it might be good to read some of Tolkien his other books so I brought these, The Simarilion and The Unfinished Tales, and yes again there we go Dexter.. The books are different from the series so this is good, I don't read the exact same thing again that I've already seen on tv. This is the third book in the series.

This is perhaps what bothers me most. Why does everything get so interesting suddenly... Even cleaning seems better than studying, I suddenly have a passion for taking selfies and pictures of other things my instagram is turning into a compilation of my studying material

You now perhaps think that I do a lot of other stuff besides studying.. or that I don't study at all. I'm starting to think the same now but my days during my exams are so long. I get up at 6 or 7 am and start already half an hour later for about 6 to 7 hours.. Until then it's only afternoon so I have plenty of time left in my evening to do other things and to let go of the studying for a little bit.

I come to think of it, if I wouldn't have all these thinks that keep me busy I think I would go crazy or retarted or something like that and I've learned one lesson from the internet, okay no, I've learned multiple but one of them was..

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  1. I know what you mean. I get so inspired to do everything except studying when it is exam time.