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So my exams are done since thursday, yes I'll probably say this a few times more, this means I am finally free again to do whatever I want and I finally have time again to blog and write.

First here I have to do my ranting on the E3 from some weeks ago. If you don't know what E3 is, here it comes. E3 is a press conference, it's more actually but we'll just keep it to press conference, in Los Angeles about gaming, all the major players from the gaming industry present their consoles and games for the coming year or even longer. It's a yearly event and as a gamer I'm always very excited for this. Sadly this always happens when I'm having exams so I wasn't able to say anything about it or write about it until I had time.

So the major players in the gaming industry are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. I'm going to talk the most about Nintendo 'cause I am and always will be a Nintendo fan.

I wasn't really interested in whatever Microsoft had to say about their Xbox One, I hate this thing already and they're going to bring some major shit over themselves with everything that they plan on doing.. If you don't know what's going on, here's the deal. The Xbox One is the new console from Microsoft and the successor of the Xbox 360, the 360 did well, had some good titles and some exclusives. Okay you had to pay to go online and pay for DLC and stuff like that but now with the Xbox One Microsoft is showing who they really are and how much they care about gamers because with the One you will have to pay, so pay extra money to Microsoft, to play a second hand game or when a friend gives his games to you to try it out 'cause omg people who are buying second hand games pay less and when you give it to your friends you don't fucking pay at all. So I'm kind of done with the Xbox now, whoever buys this has too much money in my opinion and is always welcome to give some to me.

Then we had Sony with their Playstation 4. Their press conference would have been better if they didn't bring up the Vita again because Sony if you want someone to buy that thing, make some good games for it or either give it for free with your new console. No one wants to buy that thing. The playstation 4 looked really good and I am excited about it, they got something good going because their console will cost 100 dollar LESS than the Xbox One and you won't have to pay anything extra if you want to play a game you borrowed from your friends.

And then we finally had Nintendo. They didn't give a major press conference because they didn't have an console to present or a hand-held but we do know that they're working on something new. I'm already excited for that. But they had a load of games to announce or to show more material of than we already had seen in previous Nintendo Directs. I'm very very excited for the new Mario, Smash Bros in which they finally gave the fans MEGA MAN but also the creepy Villager from Animal Crossing and the very cool Wii Fit trainer as playable characters, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and many other but more than ever am I excited about Bayonetta 2. I loved the first Bayonetta on PS3 and I'm even more excited about this one 'cause it's coming exclusively to Wii U and OH MYYYY SHE HAD A MAKE-OVER!!!! to show what I'm talking about if you don't know, here's a comparison.


Bayonetta 2

So when I heard this I immediately got the first one out again and started replaying it like never before. I loved her so much, she is one of those bad ass characters that is still so feminine that you can't do anything else but love her. Her moves are awesome as well in the first one and I already saw some vids of the second one and saw that they plan on doing a whole lot more. I'm also very excited that they might bring a co-op to this one so I can finally play this together with my boyfriend and he loves this game as well although he never finished the first one.

I'm sorry if I forgot anything but remember this is still my opinion and this is my view 'cause well, it's still my blog. I want to make this clear because I know that the whole console war thing is getting out of control.

Now it's up to you! Are you a gamer and did you watch the E3? Which games got you excited as hell?
Leave your comments below in the comment box. Much love! 


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