My darling Daniela

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I've know you for bout 6 months now and I just wanted to say something, well show you some things actually to show you how much you mean to me.

Dani, if we would be men you know we would be just like our beloved Flandus. We're friends, both a wee bit pervy and dirty, a whole lot actually but shht, we're just like sisters, just like Sean and Norman could be brothers.

I think I could tell you everything about me without ever regretting it, 'cause I know I can trust you with everything. Not just my pervy thoughts on you know who but so many other things. Whenever I'm in troubles I know you'll be there for me to cheer me up with stuff like this.

I know you've been gone more the past weeks but I know you're still there. I do miss you, a lot and I can't wait for the day 'til we finally see each other.
I know there will be a lot of crying, hugging and stuff like that and then we'll go and meet them. and I'll be right there beside you in case you faint. 

Don't ever forget about grapes, ice, bananas, aquaman (or aquamacmanus) and the seahorse, popes MacManus and getting down on our knees to pray ;). Don't ever forget about your lovely man Murphy and don't you EVER forget that you mean the world to me and that I love you more than much. 
You'll always be me sweet dear FlandusSister/FlandusSlut, you know what I mean ;). 

From your Sister Shana

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