My latest discoveries: Etsy!

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This is going to be my new thing since I'm always the last one to discover something but I'd still love to share it with you all, so from time to time you will find a new discovery from me that you probably will all already know about.

So today my discovery is Etsy!
I have heard of Etsy before, don't worry, I have but I've never actually browsed through it or ordered someting because I am afraid that people will send me crappy stuff and that they will steal my money and I'm still just a poor student.

I got on Etsy thanks a twitterfriend of mine that posted a picture of a ring I absolutely had to have. It was a double wrap ring with the inscription "Veritas-Aequitas" and I was sold. (BDS is present here yet again, I'm sorry) So she send me the link to an etsy stores called "It Came From The Internet" and I was immediately in awe. The discription of the shop alone fills my heart with warmth. You can visit this shop through this link.

The jewelry is made out of aluminum and it shouldn't color your skin or the piece of jewelry itself should not change color after contact with sweat or water. It's also allergy free! I love this because I am allergic to certain materials they use to make cheap jewelry. It's not expensive either, I paid $17 ($10 for the ring and $7 for shipping to Belgium), it's about €13.51 I don't know exactly because that changes every day.

Here are some of the things you can buy but there's much more than just this. They also make bracelets and tags and not just from the franchises you see here, there's much more. You can even make a custom listing for the item you want - I did this for the ring I wanted.

I finally realised that I should probably make a custom listing for it and yes indeed, that was the answer. I'm very happy with this shop because the owner is very friendly and replies as soon as he/she can. After you get everything straight and it's time to pay. You can pay with your creditcard or Paypal. I used Paypal because i don't own a creditcard and it's easy, fast and safe to use.

It takes approximately 5 days to make the order and then it gets shipped to you. Mine was send to me by USPS and arrived safely after about 14 days. You are able to trach your package while it's still in the US, once it leaves you'll just have to wait 'til your mailman arrives with it.

picture from my own instagram 

So here it is, my beautiful new ring. I love it incredibly much. It weighs almost nothing but I kind of like this, the inscription is perfect and it fits perfectly. You are able to manipulate the ring a bit if it doesn't fit perfectly which is great! This means you'll also always be able to take it off. And this shop has another satisfied customer that will soon make another custom listing. Much love!

Have you ordered anything of Etsy yet and where you satisfied?

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  1. Hi! Just wanted to say I nominated you back for Liebster and Versatile Blogger Awards :) Check out my blog for more information :)

  2. I am the same as you! I have never bought anything, because i did know what I would actually get.. But I would love to get things from there! Might have to look a little more!!