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I love listening to music and I love discovering new bands and songs but I've never been much of a cd buyer. If I'm truly honest I got most of my music of the internet because I just can't collect and buy everything. I already buy so many dvds, clothes and make-up that my wallet has to scream at me every once and a while that it's been enough for a while. So after already a very long time and now that we're in the middle of the sales period I bought two new cd's of one of my favorite bands that I will probably never grow tired of, The Black Keys.

The Black Keys was formed in 2001 and the group consist of 2 people. Dan Auerbach (guitar and vocals) and Patrick Carney (drums). I really like their sound and it's like you can listen to some of their older song again after a very long time but you will never grow tired of them. I love this about some bands, they have that wonderful thing that makes people want to listen to their older albums again but also still make great new albums today.

I bought my personal faves today: El Camino and Brothers.

I discovered Brothers through a very misleading music video that looks like a movie trailer. It's really really good and I wished it was a movie because it reminded me so of House of the Dead Overkill, which is a video game)  and other B-movies. I really love the rest of the album as well


But my absolute favorite has to be El Camino, I can't name a song on that CD that I don't like, it's impossible for me. My favorite thought is Gold On the Ceiling. You might know this album though the song Little Black Submarines which was very popular here in Belgium for a while. 


I know I will listen to these CD's  for a very long time and that I definitely won't regret buying them. 

Much love! 

All Saints Day is on:

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  1. OH, I love the Black Keys! The album Brothers is always in constant rotation in my car. Never gets old!

    Hope you have a peachy keen day!