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As a girl I am genuinly a coward. Really, today's Hollywood horror that just scares the crap out of you is nothing for me. However I do not dislike every horror movie, in fact some of them belong amongst my very favorite movies of all time.

Now why do I not like today's horror movies? It's simple. I never realised until I was 10 that it isn't real, that it's just make-up. Second today they just want to scare you and you kind of know that it's coming but I still scream or get scared anyway or they make bad remakes. Other than that today's horror movies give me awkward and really weird dreams or just give me sleepless nights.

John Carpenter's The Thing and it's prequel. The Thing was made in 1982 and I can honestly say it's the best horror movie ever. It's prequel which was confusingly also named The Thing was made in 2011, not that long ago so there is a good chance that you've seen it. It has a lot of references to Carpenter's movie especially in the mutations and I really liked this. I was very pleased so it deserves a spot here today as well.

Taylor Hackford's The Devil's Advocate I know it is  not horror movie perse but for me it kind of was and I wiched iit was listed among horror movies because it has some very scary and horrorlike scenes. The Devil's Advocate was made in 1997 and has big stars such as Al Pacino and Kuanu Reeves. To be honest with you I didn't see this one 'til a few months ago but it was that good that I rewatched it again the same week.

James Wan's Saw, The first Saw movie was and still is the only saw today I liked, it wasn't all blood and gore and it had a good story with doctor Lawrence Gordon. Saw was made in 2004 but I didn't see it the first time 'til a few years after. I think I still had nightmares from watching Jeepers Creepers in 2004 and avoided almost every horror movie.

John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns, as you can see I really like movies from John Carpenter. Cigarette burns is different from The Thing but I really liked it as well. It's something between horror and a thriller for me because there isn't much of the usual horror in there. It's a rather short movie but the story is good and complete. Cigarette Burns was a part of the TV-series Masters of Horror and aired on december 15th 2005. 

Drew Goddard's The Cabin in the Woods. I wasn't really convinced about this movie when I read the back of the box or read the title but I was very glad I watched it because it's not what you expect. The story begins as your typical Hollywood horror movie but it evolves to something better and that made me very happy. The Cabin in the Woods is one of those good horror movie from not that long ago, it was made in 2012. 

Tarsem Sighn's The Cell, This is one of those movies I had to watch 3 times until I got everything but I was still quite young when I saw it the first time, it was made in 2000 so I was 7 or 8 year's old when I first it. I really liked the story of this movie and although alot of movie site classify this movie as a science fiction/thriller for me this is already horror. 

There aren't any ghost movies in my short tiny list because I am terrified of ghosts because sometimes I really think they exist and that they're going to come for me. More proof of the fact that I am a coward so I usually avoid those kinds of movies and games. The only thing that I really liked which has ghosts in it is American Horror Story. 

Much love! and I hope you enjoyed this post. 

How about you, do you like horror movies and which one is your favorite?

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