I have a problem

1:42 AM Miss Kitty Heart 2 Comments

As you might have seen, the comment button doesn't appear beneath my post. It's the same with the author and any labels I added and as you might suspect, this is very annoying... You actually have to click on the post title to make the comment box appear. 

Now I have checked countless of other blogs that offer help or support to bloggers and have not found the answer yet, all I can say is that this has to be stop, this problem need to be solved! 
These are my settings in the layout > edit post thing Blogger has.. Seriously what am I doing wrong, why does Blogger hate me so incredibly much because it only shows me the social media icons...

So if any of you more experienced bloggers can help, you're very welcome 'cause I'm getting quite pissed off over here.

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  1. Go to Template > Backup/restore and download your template first so you can upload it if anything happens. Secondly, go to Edit HTML and click "revert widget templates to default" :) xx

    1. Okay that was easy, thank you so much! And yes it worked :D