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Hey there lovely people and Happy Monday to you! I hope you are having a fantastic day, wherever in the world you may be. I'm very happy to announce that I am co-hosting this very inspirational monday, thank you very much Sarah from A Cat-Like Curiosity

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Today I wanted to talk to you a little about motivation because motivation for me is truly important. It lifts me back up when I'm feeling gloomy or a bit down because of well, just every day life, it's not always fun and smiles. Even when this happens to me I always find a way to keep myself going and go down that road to make it all work again. My motivator for life will always be Sean Patrick Flanery (the quote in the picture is one of his and is very important to me)  but since he can't be around all the time to answer my questions on twitter as he an incredibly busy man so I had to find my own motivation to keep going.

I recently made my own motivational wall, with pictures and quotes that matter a lot to me. I look at my wall when I'm doing my daily work out and well all those things I see over there really keep me and remind me that it's all worth it. In case you are all wondering, this is the what I'm talking about, they're just pictures but they all have a meaning to me. 

I found out that it's always important to keep on shining, when you shine on the inside you shine towards the world and those things that were bothering you and keeping you down suddenly don't seem so big anymore. Now how do you keep on shining?

For me it's quite easy, I set realistic goals for myself of which I know that I can achieve them and the moment you do is so grand and so amazing. The road towards achieving those goals may be hard but you know it's worth it so keep on going to reach all the way to the top. 
Keep your body as healthy and shining as you can. I know it's not always easy but it's really uplifting for you spirit and gives you loads of positive energy. 

Being motivated makes your day easier and less stressful and adds up to enjoying your life to the fullest. 

What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

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