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Trust Yourself
Hey there lovely people and Happy Monday to you! I hope you are having a fantastic day, wherever in the world you may be.
It's that time of the week once more - when we aim to inspire and uplift. This week I am happy to announce I am indeed Mrs MHI!! Our wedding went ahead on Thursday last week, as planned. We were both very happy with our day - we had a great time :)
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This week I spent some time investigating my totem animal. I had heard the lovely Leonie Dawson talking about totem animals and special colours a few times and was keen to look into what mine was. I found this website and it was full of information about my own North American Totem Animal and so much more. I really enjoyed looking through all of the information and poring over the details. I was surprised to find that the details did seem to match up with me and my personality traits. Here's the lowdown on my own findings with this website - it makes for fascinating reading :)
Birth Moon Long Snows
I've been busy adding little owls around my home since reading this. I've also added some crystals around the place to enrich and enliven my little altars from last week.
The Owl Totem
I can definitely relate to the quiet introverted thing. I often feel the need to get quiet and reflective and kind of shut people away. It's easy for others to react to that and feel not wanted and shut out. I have to kind of guard against that often.
The Power of Obsidian
I'm going to look into getting some obsidian to carry with me I think - the power of it seems like something worth investigating.
Looking at all of this information, I felt moved to create an illustration featuring the key words and of course the totem animal for me. Here's what I created:
Totem Girl Illustration
I included the powerful words in my hair and around the owl that is on my mind. I also included the colour black for my clothing.
I really enjoyed exploring this, and it gave me some great ideas for my own personal thought and my own reflection. You should try it out!
I was considering offering custom sketches like this one for people, if they had found their own totem animal. Let me know if you'd be interested in that - I'd be happy to help :)
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Now it's time for our featured linker of the week. I really love that people come over here and link up each week with us, and as a little thank you I like to feature one of the lovely linkers whose post really spoke to me. Would you like to be featured? All you need to do is to link up below - I pick out a different post to feature every week. This week I'd like to feature this post by Raising Figure Skaters. It's kind of a round up and feature for inspiring bloggers who are making a difference across the blogosphere. You should definitely check it out.

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Have a great day people!

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  1. how much would you charge for the custom sketches?

  2. Congrats on your wedding, Mrs. MH! =0)
    Thanks for the inspiration - Love that quote at the top.
    The custom sketches would be cool.