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I'll admit it I am a collector of lipglosses. It's like an addiction to me. I have no idea how many lipglosses I have, I'm also too lazy to count them all, sorry, but let's just keep it at a lot. Perhaps there will come a day on which I will count them all and even throw some away. I can't at the moment, I get attached to all my pretty shiny glosses. None the less today is all about glosses so I picked out my favorites ones to show you today.

1. Catrice fiery red lipstick. It's a moisturizing lipstick and I really like it but it fades faster than expected. 
2. Catrice sparkly lipgloss. It's also quite a flaming color but on your lips it turns out to be more of and orange-red. Sadly you also have to re-apply it quite a lot. 
3. Essence xxxl shine in a pretty pink. This one is very sticky and stays for a while, it also keeps your lips moisturized and gives them a nice shine.
4. H&M gloss, I never use this one alone, It's almost translucent in color so I usually apply it over lipstick to give it some extra shine or make it stay a little longer. 
5. MaxFactor vibrant curve effect. It's actually a pink lipgloss but it looks a bit brown in the picture. It's also a good gloss if you want some extra shine on your lips or to apply over lipstick. 
6. NYC lipstain 16h. This is the one I use every day, it's beautiful pink color but if you apply many layers over each other it turns out a lot darker than it actually is which I really love. It doesn't stay for 16h, don't be fooled but it stays for a few hours and even a bit longer when you apply some gloss over it. 
7. Yves Rocher pink lipstick, I can't remember where I got this one or even how but I love it. It's a shade of pink and is perfect if you have a light skin color like I do, plus it stays really long for just a normal lipstick. The downside of this one, I dries out your lips so I have to moisturize my lips enough before using this one.
8. Maybeline 24h superstay, and when they say superstay they really mean superstay. This one is a bordeaux color and really nice to wear to special occasion, not so much on a daily basis and it is so hard to get it back off again and thats why I didn't apply it on my arm. 

Do you use lipgloss every day and what's your favorite? 

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  1. I really like the colour of the first Catrice one! I don't know how I feel about lipgloss.. Part of me loves it because I think it looks super pretty but when I apply it, I'm afraid all the attention will go to my lips (if you know what I mean). My lips are an average size and it definitely makes them looks a little bit more voluminous :) I prefer lipsticks, but a lipgloss every now and then is great :D

    Valérie ♥

  2. I like the NYC lipstain too! I've tried the Revlon ones but they dried out a long time ago, the NYC one is still going strong though. I love it!