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The title of this post is pretty self explanatory no? To be honest I've been wanting to write a post about how bad my procrastination actually is because a lot of people have a problem with it. I must admit that it's not the case with everything in my life, procrastination is something that usually is a problem when it comes to school and a lot of other things I don't like, for example doing my household is one of those things I hate to do and I postpone it all the time.

When I say I've been wanting to write a post about procrastination I mean that I've wanted to do this for about 4 weeks now. Yes I even postponed this for so long... 

It's the worst with my schoolwork. All of you who still go to school or college know what I mean, in the beginning of the semester they tell you that you're going to have to write a huge paper or do a big work with four people and they advice you to start making it right away because you've gotten all the information you need to complete the task and still almost everyone waits until a week before it's due to even start it. Yes I am the same. I had to make a big portfolio on self reflection for professionel development this year and started with it about two weeks before I had to hand it in, I worked my ass off to get it ready before the deadline and afterwards I always say I'm never going to do this again and I bet next year I'm going to repeat this again. 

School is just one of those things and especially when you're not obligated to do certain assigments or have a lot of time to do an assignment that's just being pushed aside until you have to rush to finish it because we all have to admit, we have got more important things to do than assignments for English or Social law in my case. 

I've been thinking about ways to stop my procrastinating and so far I tried out the following. 

- Make a calender and put all your deadlines on it, write down when you're going to work on the differents assignments you have and mark it with a positive color when you actually did it. 
In the end my calender was more red than green and I just ripped it off my wall and this picture below shows exactly what I do instead of the things I should be doing

- Work on one of your assignments, the one with the closest deadline, a bit every night, divide the work into small bits and write this down
Dividing into small bits was taking a little too literal... The smaller the better was my opinion and oh yes, on friday, saturday and sunday I didn't do anything either. So this didn't work for me as well.

- Meet with friends to do your assignments together, motivate each other to finish what you're supposed to do for that day
This turned into girlstime with a lot of gossip, watching movies and not doing any assignments. Apparently I'm not the only one that can't work with other people around them. 

As a little conclusion, nothing has changed so far and I'm thanking Blogger with all my heart that I can schedule posts here because otherwise I'd be the worst blogger ever. 

All Saints Day is on:

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  1. I'm not the biggest procrastination person. But I still have to write down exactly when I everything is due and when I need to start it. It's so much easier to see it all written down.

  2. I never saw so many words for procrastination. Procrastination is such a beautiful thing! I do it ALL the time - it's how I ended up blogging. I think some of us just work better under pressure. I totally tried all of these things above and they rarely work unless I really love what I'm doing!

  3. I have the SAME trouble , but thank godness I have a steady handed sister ( and how can I not add mom , the fast alarm)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. I am such a procrastinator to the point that it is embarrassing. I want to try hard to kick this awful habit.