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I love shopping, just like most girls do but I'm not really a fan of expensive clothing. I usually shop at cheaper stores like H&M, New Look, Primark... and during the sales period I go to Zara to get as much clothes as possible because I think Zara can be a expensive clothingstore for students like me.

Today I want to show some clothing I really like and can't wait to get my hands on when I the sales period starts and I can go shopping. So I usually wear a pair of jeans and a shirt so I always try to look for pretty shirts and blouses, a good bag and a pair of pretty shoes to go with everything because jeans is a perfect basic and you can make really pretty outfits with a pair of jeans and the right shirt or blouse. Add some accesories and voilà!

1. Two Tone Duffle Jacket - Mango €89.99 // 2. Necklace - H&M €9.95 // 3. Sunglasses Two Colours - H&M €6.95 // 4. Shoulder Bag With Tassels - Mango €19.99 // 5. Snake Sneakers - H&M €19.95 // 6. Quilted Tote Bag - Mango €49.99 // 7..Studded Jersey Trousers - Mango €29.99 // 8. Printed Picture T-Shirt € 12.99 // 9. High Heels with Grey Snake Print - H&M €34.95 // 10.  Gold Bracelet (Metal) - H&M €7.95 // 11. Black Colour Slogan Shirt - New Look 9.99 

You can see I really love shirts with a nice print on it, I have so many already that I can hardly choose what to wear that day. I don't it's neccesary to wear a dress every day or almost every day because dresses can be really uncomfortable and you can still look very beautiful and like a real girl in just jeans and a shirt.

Much love! 

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  1. Hi! Found you from the Aloha Blog Hop! Happy Friday! I live in USA and usually shop at stores where designer clothes are on discount like Marshalls and Filene's Basement. I am 42 so sometimes think that H&M is a bit young for me. Love your pics and i'm sure they look fab on you.

  2. I really like that quilted tote!