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I use too many different make up removers, I have one for my face, one for eyes, one for my lips... and then a dozen of others I don't use. So when I'm taking my make up off in the evening it takes a while, especially around my eyes. The black of the eyeshadow and mascara can be very hard to get rid off even with a good remover that is specifically for your eyes and if you use make up like this every day like I do, you could get like area around your eyes that look sort of grey-ish. It's not grey you know but there's a color difference that doesn't belong there. 

My house remedy for this is.. Olive oil. Yes just plain old olive oil and it works great! 

Olive oil moisturizes the skin around your eyes very well and also removes your make up leftovers around the eyes like it's nothing. You just use the olive oil like you would use any other make up remover and swipe away. Just be careful that you don't get it in your eyes or you'll be rinsing your eyes for a very long time, I say this out of own experience. Even after rinsing for a while you'll probably see spots for a while as well. So don't get it in your eyes, be careful. The best of all this is that you can actually use this for the rest of your face as well. I have a very dry skin and this works perfect for because it moisturizes so well and it makes your skin feel so soft. 

Why is it so good? 
It has the same fats as an avocado, which is also a great moisturizer for your skin, and moisturizes your skin with lots of vitamin A and E. 

Other than olive oil also contains at least 4 diferent antioxidants which can help neutralizing damaging free radicals that make your skin age faster. And last, it's cheap and friendly for your planet and environment.

And don't forget it's also good for your heart. 

Much love

Have you ever tried olive oil as a make up remover?

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  1. i used to love using olive oil as a makeup remover, it also works great as a lash conditioner too :) great post

    xo; L&M
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