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A couple of weeks ago I went to my local drugstore and finally saw these beautiful nail polished by Rimmel. The Salon Pro line is a gel nail polish line is a line with lycra in so it should give that gel finish look. Ten colors in this line were choosen by Kate Moss and they have a maxi brush for easy application. They also promise you that it is chip resistant for up to 10 days. I choose the color Jazz Funk after doubting for a long time between this one and BritPop. 

One layer is just not enough, I could still see my nail through it but I was very pleased with the fact that it dries very quickly. So my impatient self wasn't going to have to wait forever to put on that second layer, which is needed with most nail polishes. The maxi brush makes applying really easy when you have long nails and it also applies very easily, no streakyness. Although I have read that some of these actually have had the problem with streaky application with some of the colors in this line, which is a shame. 

Please excuse my short nail, I'm waiting 'til it grows long again after breaking off. It does have a very nice shine and I'm very pleased with the color. It's pink but not barbie pink and this made me very happy because that's one of the reasons I was doubting between two colors in the beginning. I'm not a fan of barbie pink. 

The chipping part sadly isn't true, after about 2 days, maybe 3 I had to take it off because it started chipping and it  wasn't very pretty anymore, but I think it was a good purchase after all. 

Have you bought any polishes from the salon pro line and do you like them?

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  1. Lovely colour! I really like these nail polishes :D forever wearing Urban Purple haha!