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The sales period in Belgium is a happy time for me. One month of shopping with a lot of reduction, round prices and so much more. Sales in Belgium always start on the 1st of July, yes today! It's pure hell when it starts during the weekend or on a friday, absolutely everyone goes out shopping then.

Since I am a poor student, I do work in weekends but with my exams I had to cancel that for a while and I spend almost all my money on other things such as lipglosses. But I'll talk about that in another post. Back to the fact that I am broke, my mom is so sweet and kind to give me some  money to go shopping during this heavenly month.
And  just as every year I went shopping the very first day. Which I usually do all by myself because I kind of like shopping all by myself. I buy what I want to buy and my opinion is the one that matters the most and then I can go to every store I like and take as much time as needed.

The worst thing of all, I'm a true shopaholic. I have an addiction with lipglosses and mascara but also with shoes and bags. I can't say no to a new pink sparkly lipgloss with golden sparkles and I don't care that it looks almost identical to one that I already have at home, which is probably half empty anyway.. I love having bold and black eyelashes because with a good mascara I don't need any other eye make-up anymore. On the bags and shoes, which girl has enough shoes that she has the perfect pair of shoes for any occasion and any outfit she owns? Probably none of us, that's why a girl can never have enough shoes and the same applies to bags for me.

So soon you'll be seeing everything I bought today.

How about you, are you a shopaholic? Do you have sales where you live?

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