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I bought this shampoo for the first time already a while ago because I was in desperate need for a shampoo to repair my hair a little and to make it a little less knotted after I washed it. Of course there is no cure for split ends exept for a good hair cut but you can at least try and help your hair a little bit.

What should liquid keratin do for your hair? Liquid keratin should untangle, soften and take the frizz out of your hair. Oh and also give it really nice healthy shine. I think this shampoo attracted me with it's beautiful  shiny golden honey like color. It reminded me of the models in the shampoo commercials that swish their hair and their hair always looks so pretty and shiny. 

What I don't like about this shampoo and about many other shampoos is that is contains sodium laureth sulfate, this is a inexpensive foaming agent but it can cause irritation and it dries out your hair. On the other hand the packaging is really handy for in the shower and dosing the amount of shampoo you want to use goes quite well. 

After usen this shampoo for almost 3 weeks now I can say that is does make your hair a lot softer which makes it for me a lot easier to comb through after I washed it but the shining part is sadly missing. My hair still looks the same and another negative point is that it makes my hair unmanagable, my bangs don't stay in place the first day and I constantly have to get them out of my eyes. 

So I do like this shampoo a lot but it has some negative points as well, just like almost all shampoos.

Have you tried out this shampoo yet and did you like the results?

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  1. I hate bangs too much . I change my shampoo almost every month , but yet I'm stuck at Dove!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. Great review Shana!
    mh i do agree with you about the SLS and there are better options out there with more natural ingredients but not all are so miraculous as they claim to be :)
    Lovely to have found your blog via Bloggers Bunch! following you on Bloglovin now.

    Ila x