Sister visit: Hairdying

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To my sister I am the beautysalon. I do almost everything for her on the condition that she asks me nicely and that I get to choose when it's being done. So it was time again for her to get those eyebrows back in shape and her hair dyed again.

I wish I did her eyebrows from the very beginning because they almost have no curve in them and I would have done this differently but it's too late now and she likes them this way so I'm not complaining. Here are the results. Looks a lot better already.

After the eyebrows works I also had to dye her hair. My sister has dark brown hair but it was already dyed in a bright red color before and it had turned ginger now after a while so it was time re-dye it to make it the same bright red again. My sister picked out the dye by Lo'réal Paris Préference, it promises a long lansting high shine haircolor and from experience we know it's actually quite true, the color stays for a long time even when you wash it every day like my sister does.

So from left to right we have a conditioner to wash your hair with afterwards, gloves, a high shine serum, the color booster and the white developer cream. 

So you just have to add the serum and the color booster to the developer cream and shake really well so it turns into a soft pink color. When you reach this color it is time to start applying. Make sure you wear nothing that can't become dirty because dripping or spilling happens sometimes and make sure the person whos hair you're dying is protected as well on the clothes matter. We also put a large towel on the floor so the doesn't get red as well. If you have kitties like my sister, put them somewhere else, these products are very dangerous and toxic to animals, you don't want to tempt them into licking the products. To dye my sister her hair it takes about 45min to an hour. She has a lot of hair. So this is how it looks when it's still wet.

Don't worry about getting some on your face or neck, with some bodylotion and a paper towel you can easily fix this so your face isn't red as well. After half an hour you can go an rinse your hair until the water is a light color of pink, you won't get it completely clear and wash it with a shampoo for colored hair, don't forget to add the conditioner that was in the box. 

And this is the final result, red again. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Much love

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