Things that annoy me in bed

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We all know that feeling. You are in your bed, you're sleepy and your mind is comoletely ready to take you to the sweetest of dreamlands and then one of the following things happen.

You suddenly realise You left your make-up on. Nothing is so annoying than this for a girl because it's so bad for your skin. In my case when I do this, sleeping with make up, I garanteed have a zit in the morning. It is not just this, when yoh leave on your make-up and especially eye make-up on to sleep with you wake up the following morning like a panda bear. Panda's are really cute but on a human this just looks awful and it is a really scary thing to see first thing in the morning. Plus you have try to get it all off, evrn  with remover this is sometimes tricky and it could a mild grey-ish looking area underneath your eyes. Luckily there is a remedy to that which you can read about HERE

Your phone starts making that my battery is dying noise. If you don't have your charger right there woth you and you have to get up to get it you are in trouble. If you don't do it your phone is going to keep making that sound throughout the entire night and in the morning when you need it for something important it's battery is going to die so you just have to get up and get that damn charger.

This can happen to you when you go to bed or just in the middle of night, it probably wakes you up no matter what. You have to go to the bathroom. I hate this when this happens in the middle of the night because first of all you don't want to get up and second of all when you come back and want to go back to sleep there's a good chance you'll be awake for the next hour.

The fully charged light on your laptop. I sometimes bring my laptop with me to my bed because I don't want to sleep yet but I also don't want to risk fallen asleep on the sofa. I bring my charger with me and put my laptop somewhere safe to charge it, I don't know how it is on your laptop but the light on mine while charging is orange and when he's charged it's white and I always forget that once he is charged that white light will light up my entire room and wake me up...

and last but not least animal noises. Wether it's a cat, dog, bird or worst of all a mosquito... You are fucked and will wake up and you can't do anything about it because well.. mosquito's disappear the moment you turn on the light. Cats do their own thing, you can't tell them what to do, especially when they are outside. Dogs bark, you can't do much about it when it's not your own dog and birds, especially roosters just need to shut up at 4 in the morning.

So this is my list of things that annoy me when I go to bed, I hope you all enjoyed it and can relate to me. Otherwise I would feel really weird. And last of all here's a funny gif for you all because this post wasn't very funny or happy.

Do you have any other things that annoy you while you're in bed?

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