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I've knows the site Threadless for a very long time but I have the feeling that a lot of people don't know it, here in Belgium, and it's actually wonderful.

Threadless is a community of artists and designers from all over the world. Today they have over 2 million artists that make tshirt designs for them and they have a very divers collection in their shop.

From tees, tank tops, bottems to wall art you can get it all. The artist community designs things and they make different things with that particular design and they have a enormous amount of designs. I think about anyone can find someting that he or she likes on this website. They even have different collections which you can check out beneath the different shop categories.

It ships for free worlwide when you enter the code SHIPFREE and when you enter the site it immediately tells you if it ships to your country or not, well at least is tells me that they ship to Belgium. You don't just buy a tshirt or something of this online shop, no. You actually support the threadless artists that make all the designs with this. You can see how much money all artists combined have received for their work right there on their website.

But you can also make your own design, change someone else's desing, rate it, critique it and much much more. I can say from own experience that it's a really good online store.

I have this very cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt that I bought right there, it's in very good quality and the print is done incredibly well. I think it deserved the money I spent on it.

Much love! 

Do you know Threadless? and have you ever ordered anything?

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