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So I thought about some fun things I could so every week and yes this is one of them. I spend a lot of time on Youtube and I am subscribed to a lot of very awesome people. I think most of you will probably know them already but still for all of you that don't know how amazing and funny some of these people can be I made this. From now on every tuesday I'm going to introduce you to one of my favorite youtubers and it's going to take a while before I get through the entire list.

Today's Youtuber: JENNA MARBLES! 

Her name is Jenna Mourey, she has two really cute and awesome dogs called Mr. Marbles and Kermit (she gives them really cute pet-names in her videos). So as you can guess her name on youtube is well her own first name and the name of her chihuahua Marbles. Jenna Marbles has a youtube channel called JennaMarbles were she posts a new video every wednesday about something random that was recommended to her to make a video about or something completely random.

She also has a video blog called JennaMarblesVlog on which she shows more of her daily life with her cute dogs. Further she also has a beautiful blog Jenna Marbles  be sure to take a look at it.

I've been watching her videos every week for a very long time now and I still remember some very weird lines from some of them. I don't know wether they are from recent videos or not but I do remember them.

" I DON'T Reccomend Washing Your Face Because You Might Drown"
" ... and do it with some kind of brush that doesn't judge you"

"switch the letters of your first and last name, that's your drunk self."

She has a lot of very funny videos to which a lot of people can relate to so I recommend watching them all. 

Hope you all check out her youtube channel if you don't already know her, and if you her, just keep doing what you're doing. Much love!

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  1. Hi!
    I love Jenna. I started watching her videos about a year ago I think and have back tracked her older videos. Hilarious woman.I love her!

    Thanks for stopping by my place. I'm following you too.

  2. i love jenna marbles!! she's hilarious!! visiting from the Grab a friend blog hop! xoxo