Could we consider ourselves fake?

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This was the guest post on Jenny's blog Diary of a Dreamer, she has a lovely blog so be sure to check it out. But just in case you didn't see it. I'm posting it again.

I've always had a thing for make up and beauty products and I love wearing make up and getting pretty for the big world outside but there's this problem that some people tell you that you look kind of fake with all that on your face or judge you as fake, because we all judge each other on our looks, we can't deny that. 

Now lately, while I was doing my make up, this came back to me and I thought about how fake we really are. In today's day and age it's really easy to be labeled fake because we do so many things to make ourselves look different or just prettier. Women wear make up and yes, we sometimes wear a lot of it, such as fake lashes and nails but does this all make us fake? Does that change your entire personality because you cover up a blemish on your cheek and put on eyeliner or lipstick? 

I say no, the reason I like to wear make up and look good is because I want to make a good impression on people because admit it, one of the first things you notice about someone is their face and we automatically search for all the different flaws in the faces we see every day. We do this without even thinking about it because it's become a habit, no not just a habit, it's a part of nature. Humans are animals as well per difinition and we go for the one person that looks the best and the prettiest to us. You may find this harsh of me to say it in this way, but yes even humans function and live their lives through natural selection and science today has given us tools to sort of manipulate this selection into our own advantage. 

Although I am the first one to admit that there is a thin line between slighty manipulating things by putting on make up and well, a complete transformation with plastic surgery. 'Cause are you still you when you change everything about your appearance? It's a very difficult question to answer, I know. 

So in my opinion, wearing make up and doing your hair in a pretty way, using products to make your skin more even and beautiful doesn't make you fake but it's always important to draw a line for yourself and to never go over that line and stay yourself at all  costs.

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  1. I have been thinking about this a lot lately myself. It seems that if you want to get ahead in life now you need to be perfectly pristine at all times. Its an interesting idea.

    Good blog!