Luxurious goods gets more expensive every year

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Today is a bit of a random post and was inspired by an article I read in a magazine a while ago.

As a much younger girl the Sex and the City series was my heaven, it seems like Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha had it all. Carrie was able to buy Manolo Blahniks for 485 dollar and had amazing clothes at times. Sex and the City was the beginning of my passion for high heels and today I still love them. 

I believe that every woman, even women who aren't really interested in fashion, would love to have some kind of designer bag, dress or a pair of designer shoes and I am no different. It was always a dream of mine to own my own pair of Manolo's or Louboutins but it seems that today that is becoming impossible... Apparently with the currrent crisis the Manolo's that Carrie once bought in Sex and the City for 485 dollar suddenly cost you 755 dollar.. and that saving up for that precious Chanel 2.55 is going to be long and very hard. 

So we could state eventually that having a luxurious designer item isn't "en vogue" anymore but is only for those who have loads of money.. 

It think this is very sad because I think every woman with a good and true passion for fashion deserves that one item of a designer she loves and okay if you have to save up for it for a few months but it seems that in maybe another 5 to 10 years you'll have to save up for more than a year to actually get it. Mostly because you can't just save up for that item but you also have to pay a load of other bills as well. I do understand this. The economy isn't anymore what it used to be but still... It seems like profit is more important today than accesability. 

Anyway enough about this. I just told you about my dream of owning a pair of designer shoes one day and at this moment these are my personal favorites. 

Christian Louboutin is my favorite designer ever and I just love his shoes so much. I sometimes spend hours just looking at his shoes on his website and everytime I see those prices it's like a dagger in the chest. My boyfriend often tells me I'm a lot like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City when it comes to shoes, I guess he is completely right. I can't resist a gorgeous pair of shoes at all. I could buy them I would even though I would know that I can't afford them. Completely Carrie. 

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