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Hey there lovely people and Happy Monday to you! I hope you are having a fantastic day, wherever in the world you may be.

It's that time of the week once more - when we aim to inspire and uplift. I love to write these inspiring posts and I love love LOVE to read the inspiring posts that people choose to link up with us. 

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This week I wanted to share with you some of my goals and ideas for this curiously creative business of mine. Those of you who read my blog regularly may have noticed that I have been taking part in the 30 Day Blog Challenge for the month of August. It's an inspirational series that helps to make you focused, goal oriented and accountable for the future of your business.

I am particularly proud of my brand spanking new USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Here it is, all pretty:


I am so grateful to this challenge for really honing my vision for my business. It has been awesome so far - and it's not even over. Have you thought about your own USP? I think any creative entrepreneur should really take the time to consider this and flesh out their own version. It has really helped me to cherish and understand my gifts more fully and to be able to see a much more clear value in what I have to offer the world. I would love to read some of your USP's if you decide to write them. Let me know in the comments.

Another creation I have made that I am particularly proud of is my two year plan for the business. I wrote it in the present tense (as though speaking from 2015 and from the time and place when my business has reached these milestones) and I am really happy with it. Here it is, in all it's shiny glory on Vimeo. I am so pleased with my new account over there - and free of the tyranny of Google + profiles over on Youtube. Yay!

My business plan from Sarah Leonard on Vimeo.
You might need to press pause to keep up with the reading every now and then but hopefully you can see and sense the joy with which I put this slideshow together. It made me so happy to envisage my curiously gorgeous creative business thriving and successful and having this brilliant and bright future. I can see it as clear as a picture or a beautiful painting now and I have a clear plan and trajectory of how to get there. I just need to keep taking my steps and I will find myself with a thriving business.

Even more inspiring goodies

Now it's time for our featured linker of the week. I really love that people come over here and link up each week with us, and as a little thank you I like to feature one of the lovely linkers whose post really spoke to me. Would you like to be featured? All you need to do is to link up below - I pick out a different post to feature every week. This week I'd like to feature this post from Ellen. It's so full of wit and wisdom and very definitely worth a read.

I'm an inspiration

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Have a great day people!

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