What Disney movies have taught me

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I really love Disney movies, I do but let's face it. As a girl/woman those movies have taught you some really awkward things that are not accurate with reality as we know it today.

First of all Beauty and the Beast, in the intro Belle sings everything that other people are doing and what she's doing herself. I got the idea as a little girl that it is supposed to be this way, that you had to sing and dance the entire day about everything you do and trust me I did. Until my mom stopped me and told me it was just wrong and that people don't do that. Second, and this may sound a bit rude and nasty but she falls in love with Beast, a prince that has been turned into an animal, so now as an adult I think a bit further than just the love and isn't that beastiality?

Then there's Peter Pan, the Little Mermaid, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast again and so many other Disney movies and they all include the same problem for me.. the main characters all have "friends" that are just more like servants to them than friends. Sebastian, Flounder, Lumière, Tinkerbell... they all do stuff for the main character and it's just like that, you snap your fingers and BAM they do stuff for you. Sadly it doesn't work that way in real life and I was some kind of servant for my sister for so long.

Old ugly ladies and stepmothers are evil and want to kill you or take everything away from you. Just like that, there's nothing more to say to this. They are all ugly, old and/or stepmothers of the main characters.. oh except for Captain Hook. In real life old ladies and stepmothers aren't always evil, have you ever met an old lady that wanted to kill you by selling you an apple?

Animals talk, I wish this was real, I would love to have animals that could talk like the two old dogs from the aristocats. This doesn't need any further explanation I guess, animals don't talk in real life either.

And last but not least MEN, men are so dreamy in Disney movies, they are perfect, strong and beautiful, everything you ever wanted. They gave me so unrealistic expectations of men... but well I do know some celebreties today that make sure those expectations are still so unrealistic so that's not all Disney's fault.

What have you learned from Disney movies or just childrens movies in general?

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  1. I have all the films on videotape :)!!!!!

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  2. I love Disney movies, but the thing that bothers me the most about them is that the women always need to be naive (never accept something from strangers, Snow White); they need to be skinny (have you spotted some big princesses?) and I hate the fact that if you're ugly = you're evil. Oh well, I still love Disney movies :D haha

    X Valérie

  3. Those disney girls LIED when they easily tied their hair up with a ribbon. that crap ain't easy to do.

  4. Hi. I found you with the Grab A Friend Blog Hop. I wish my pets helped with housework like the Disney animals. The thing I really don't like is how people fall in love instantly and want to get married after just seeing someone. My favourite Disney movie is The Jungle Book. Mowgli follows that girl at the end, but it's more curiosity than deciding she's his one true love right there :)