Why I don't like tanning

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Summers here so everyone is getting a nice tan to look good in a dress or shorts. Well I'm not like that, my hair and skin color make it almost impossible and to be completely honest, I hate tanning and here's why.

First of all, my skin is so pasty white that I get a sunburn like... always. I can't sit outside in the sun without getting SPF 30 or 25 on my skin or I'm a red lobster after an hour and I hate putting on sunscreen because it smells, it's really sticky and it gets all over your clothes if you don't watch out. So sitting outside in the sun just to get a tan is nothing for me.

Second, I'm terrified of getting skin cancer and with my skin and the fact that I get a sunburn so easily the risk of having skin cancer is higher for me than for some other people. I don't like messing around with my health so no more sunburns.

I hate self tanner. Just like that, I tried it really, it's just a big mess. You have to wait 'til it's dry, you have to make sure you don't look like an oompa loompa, worrying about streaks and lines, orange palms... It's just too much and I don't want this.

Of course you also have tanning beds. No sunscreen needed and no self tanners but it's stil not good. I did use my parents' tanning bed like 3 times for 10 minutes because I'm not allowed any longer and I wouldn't want it to be any longer and I got a little bit of tan right now so now I can actually go outside without the excessive amounts of sunscreen.

I still use sunscreen, don't get me wrong, sunscreen is very important. It protects your skin from the bad UVA rays which cause skinaging and wrinkling and UVB rays, which can cause skincancer and are responsible for sunburns but I can use a lower one now.

I think the best thing to do and what people should learn is just to be happy with the color of your skin, you don't need to be tanned to be beautiful because the risk of getting cancer or aging faster just isn't worth it.

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  1. I love this post! :D I actually like to lay in the sun, but no tanning beds. I used to do it before a few times but it's HORRIBLE for your skin. You should try the selftan from Kruidvat! I've been using it before I went on a holiday and it makes your skin gradually tanner, so no orange-scenarios :D I'm not a fan of fake tan but I love this one :D I'll show you one time. Don't forget to scrub before you apply it, otherwise you might end up orange and streaky :/

    X Valérie