Will power and perseverance are inside jobs

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Lately I noticed that a lot of people think that you can do something like quiting smoking or exercising a lot in one-two-three and we all know it requires a lot of will power and perseverance to reach our goal but then a lot of those people either give up and quit after a bit or think that they fail horribly at it because they didn't stick to their hardcore program in their head.

Will power and perseverance are the two things that make sure that we stick to our commitments but some people lack these two things or just don't have as much of this. So I have great news for all you people that are having troubles with this, you can train your will power and perseverance just like you can train your abs. 

Think about how many decisions we have to make every day. Stupid and easy decisions like "coffee or tea" or more important ones. If you think about it we know that we have to make countless decisions every day. These decisions are actually the things that either motivate you more and bring you closer to your goal or that take some of your motivation away and hold you back from reaching your goal. 

If you want to build up the motivation and perseverance to reach a big goal, it is best to start out by achieving a small one, one that doesn't matter that much anyway. For example, for one week, don't put on the tv immediately when you come home, don't throw your jacket on the sofa but put it away. Small things you know and these small achievements will give you the motivation to try out bigger things and you will have less troubles at achieving them.

Most women tend to be way to harsh on themselves when they're not sticking exactly to what they had their mind or they just quit from the moment they do something that wasn't planned. Don't do that. Being harsh and mean to yourself is off putting and makes you think that you're never going to reach that important goal. Instead, don't be mad at yourself when you have a bad day and you can't stick to your promises once. For example someone that is trying to quit smoking is having a drink on a wonderful summer evening and decides to light one anyway. This doesn't make him/her a bad person and the attempt to stop hasn't failed either. I believe that taking small steps usually work better than drastic meisures because you gradually move towards your goal at a pace that you can follow and actually keep up with. A last thing... don't set unrealistic goals for yourself. Especially people who are trying to lose weight or who want to start exercising on a regular basis. If thursday is a shitty day on the office or at school and if you just want to fall down on the couch when you come home on that day than don't plan any excising for that night. You deserve a night of every now and then and it keeps everything a lot more realistic. 

Last but not least I have some tips and boosters for your perseverance and motivation. 
1. Eat healthy and balanced, sleep enough and try to exercise. These 3 things are essential for getting more perseverance. A healthy and balanced diet keeps your body happy and reduces stress. With exercise I don't mean that you have to go run for hours and stuff like that, but go for a 5 min walk or dance around in your house while you're listening to music. 

2. Celebrate your succes. If you reach your goal, TELL THE WORLD! Call your friends, family, post it on facebook, twitter or whatever social network you use. The people who love you will congratulate you and you will instantly feel a lot better and will be more motivated to achieve a new goal. 

3. The ten minute rule. (this one is especially good for people on a diet) When you're hungry and you suddenly decide that you're going to get that bag of chips. WAIT THERE STOP! Sit back down and wait for ten minutes before taking any action. It's going to look like forever but while you're sitting there for 10 minutes think about what the advantages are going to be when you don't do it. You can also reverse this one if you absolutely have to do something, like exercising or studying. Tell yourself you have to do it for at least 10 minutes. 

If you're looking for some extra motivation every now and then, I suggest you subscribe to this wonderful blog by Sean Patrick Flanery, my hero and personal motivator. 

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