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Thoughts become things

Hey there lovely people and Happy Monday to you! I hope you are having a fantastic day, wherever in the world you may be.

It's that time of the week once more - when we aim to inspire and uplift. I love to write these inspiring posts and I love love LOVE to read the inspiring posts that people choose to link up with us. 

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Over the past couple of weeks I have been re-reading my copy of The Secret before bed time and really enjoying reading those life affirming words once again.

One of the chapters I re-read recently was all about visualisation. A huge part of the theory behind The Secret itself is the need to visualise what you want. To hold a clear and detailed picture in your mind of what you want to achieve. The idea being that if you can see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand. (Click to tweet that!)

I got to wondering how people who were new to this idea would be able to convince themselves that this is possible. The idea itself seems way too simple doesn't it? Just visualise what you want and you can have it?

It truly is that simple though. If you keep a track of your emotions so that you can be sure to project the right kind of signal into the universe (as per last week's Inspire post) then your thoughts and visualisations can have the power to bring you what you want with your life.

I wondered how to convince someone of the power of their mind. And I came up with this little practical demonstration.

You might need to make sure you're not overheard for this one :)

Imagine the tune to Happy Birthday. Sing the first line to yourself.

For the second line, just hear the song in your head.

Now, I'm guessing that you heard the song and all of the words, as if you had actually sung it out loud in your own voice. Am I right? Your mind didn't just play you the words as if they came from anyone - that was your own voice you heard playing in your head wasn't it? That's part one of the demonstration of the power of your mind.

Here's part two:

Think of your favourite song. Hear the song inside your mind.

How did it sound? Was it just you singing your own version of the song or was it in full on stereophonic sound? I'm guessing the latter. I'm guessing that your brain was able to fully recreate your favourite song in all it's glory. Guitars, drums, piano, orchestra.

That is the power of your mind. It's not constrained by what you think you know. It's not held back by what you know or have or can access right now. Your mind can imagine anything. And if you imagine it with enough love in your heart and with enough detail to your picture then your mind can bring what you want and need into your life, from whichever corner of the universe it may exist right now.

What are you going to imagine? What will you picture in your mind and bring into your life using the power you have inside of you?

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