Halloween night

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So today is halloween and tonight it's all about getting scared, looking scary and having a really good time. Either with friends, family or just on your own. Tonight I'm visiting one of my dear friends for Halloween to watch scary movies but this isn't nearly enough for me. I love scaring people and thought it might be fun to put out all my makeup and to get ready for some scary shit.

I always wondered would it would look and feel like to be Tate Langdon from American Horror Story with his skull makeup on so yes, I went for it.

Everything you need is: A good picture of Tate, black eyeliner, black eyeshadow, a good primer for your face and eyes, a steady hand and a lot of patience. I can't really explain how I did everything but I started with the outlines of the eyes and nose and filled those up first.Make sure they're almost even and the same size at least. The mouth is actually the really hard part.. It has to be quite symmetrical en has a lot of shadow in it. I drew all the hard lines with liquid eyeliner and did the softer lines and shadows with black eyeshadow. It's wise to use a lot of different pencils for this so you can be quite precise.

And this is my final result, I didn't do the nek and ears because that was just too much.. I think I would have ran out of make up..

Hope you all like this and get inspired to try it out yourself. Be sure to buy enough black makeup!

All Saints Day is on:

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