I dyed my hair, well sort of...

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From that little girl with the almost white hair to today, a 20 year old with light brown hair with still some blond parts. I always missed my lighter and much blonder hair and I really wanted it back or at least a part of it back. I started looking around and thinking about what I could do with my hair, not damaging it too much and not doing anything too drastic and dramatic but still changing it Since it's really time to make some changes.

I talked about dying my hair or decolorizing my hair entirely but here's my first problem with that...
What if it turns out yellow or just wrong you know. I never did this before and I've seen too many mistakes with blond hair on other girls. Eventually I decided to go for something a little less dramatic by choosing to go for an ombré look. With the ombré look they decolorize the ends of your hair, natural or colored, so your hair color goes from dark to lighter.

 And I did it! I was really excited and really nervous to see the result but I love it. Even thought I paid a lot of money for this. And maybe in a while I'll dye my hair entirely that blond. I love looking down at my hair and seeing my blond ends.

This was a great idea and a wonderful change for myself, hope you all love it as well.

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  2. Cute!
    Looks a lot like me :)