Today, kinda grey outside

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Today is one of those typical Belgian fall days. Cold, rain and well more rain. I felt kind of gloomy when I woke up this morning, plus I had a really short night and yet today turned out just fine. 

The moment I was awake I realised I'm going to have a fucking great week. Or so I told myself. And yes lady luck finally noticed me and gave me a day off of school, dinner with my sister tomorrow, meeting with friends during the week and F.A.C.T.S on saturday so fuck the weather (excuse my language) and let's get on with this week. 

It's really nice to see that my old friends still haven't forgotten about me, that most of them forgive me for being absent for almost 3 years and are glad to have kind of back. Which is really nice, I wasn't expecting this and even though they're are willing to take me back into their lives I still have a lot to make up for and I'm going to put a lot of effort into it. 

I also felt like taking a picture of myself today, I fixed my webcam and just went for it. It's been a while since I felt good enough about myself to take a nice selfie with my just my face. I've shown off outfits on instagram lately but either the picture are headless, or you just can't see me good enough. So here you go, my today I feel kind of good about myself selfie. 'cause damn I actually felt pretty.

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