Happy life and Indian food

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The past ten days my parents went on a trip to Tenerife while I stayed at home. I can honestly say I haven't had this much fun in so long. It's weird today now that they're back home. 

For the past ten days I've had great nights out, partying, a dinnerparty, wonderful Indian food and lots and lots of alcohol. I guess I found the friends again that I've missed for so long and also some new friends who I won't let go. It feels really wonderful to see how much they all care about me and to see how much time they want to spend with me. 

And for everyone who lives in Belgium and near Ghent, please go and eat delicious Indian food at Salt n Pepper. I've never had such great Indian food EVER! I thought I'd never stop eating, the tandoori chicken was delicious but the greatest thing of all about it was actually sharing our food together, eating something of every dish we ordered. 

And like I always say, pictures say more than a thousand words.

I know they're a bit dark or somewhat blurry but it's hard sometimes to take pictures in bars and or clubs. So yeah I had pretty sweet week and I'm really happy at this moment but I'm also super excited because next week I'm probably going to the cinema to go and see THOR 2 THE DARK WORLD! I'm a huge Loki fan. CAN'T WAIT

All Saints Day is on:

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