Prepping for the weekend off with the family

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Coming weekend is like the weekend of weekends for my family.. Why? We're going away for four days to Centerparcs, just my mom, dad, sister, her boyfriend en me. Yeah I look like the lonely soul out there just by my self but I know I have my dear waiting for me to come back monday evening but I'm really sad he can't come with us. My mom is like all panick and stuff because she doesn't want to forget anything while I'm not trying to think about the fact that I'm going to be gone for 4 days. It's that bad with me yes indeed, can't be away from him for FOUR days. Okay I wasn't going to whine about it here.. 

I think it's going to be fun though, just the family and there's lots of stuff to do out there as well. For all you people that don't know Centerparcs, let me tell you all about it. Centerparcs is like this vacation park where you can rent a cottage for a couple of days. You have to provide your own food and drinks and cook for yourself in the cottage but there's also the possibility to go to their restaurants and other food places right there in the park. Other than food stuff there's also a bowling alley, huge indoor and I think also outdoor swimming pool, mini golf, indoor snowboarding, squashing and so on. So lots of stuff to do.. And I'm going to need lots of stuff to do to keep my mind really busy. 

This is going to be our cottage for the next weekend. Think it looks really nice, there's even a sauna! And I got a double bed to myself.  

Their swimming pools are really nice in Centerparcs, it's like a complex of subtropic pools where you can go look at fishies and go down slides and wild water slides. There's also a pool that simulates waves from the ocean and tons of hot tubs. Probably going to be place where I'm going to hang out the most. 

I'm really ready to take 4 days off of school but not to be away from Ignace for that long, I'm probably going to whine about it to my sister a lot and she'll have to put up with it just because she's my big sister and I love her a lot for that. So just one more day of stressed out mom, an afternoon with my best friend Valerieand and a lovely quiet evening with my love and then I'm off and I'll let you all know how it was and show loads of pictures like I always do :D.

Take care everyone! Much love.

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