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I have often said that I am addicting to watching tv series and I am going to confirm this for myself again in this post, oh and I love new things.. Who doesn't. Even though I have to study during the day that doesn't hold me back to stare at my laptop for the rest of the evening when I'm home. 
Thanks to my boyfriend I started watching Sons Of Anarchy, which is already at its sixth season. I saw a few episodes and I was kind of sold. Bikerclubs, feuds, betrayal, guns, badass women and ink.. How could this not be good.. I know Sons of Anarchy is a succesful tv show in the USA but we don't even get to see it on tv here in Belgium, one of the reasons that I just started watching.

Sons of Anarchy tells the story of Jax Teller who is starting to question his ways and  those of the motorcycleclub the Sons of Anarchy he belongs to in the fictional town of Charming. I started watching the first season about 3 days ago and before writing this post I finished it. YES it's that amazing! It's not just the story that is so great but also the smaller things such as the soundtrack and the way it's acted and brought to you. It also has some familiar actors and actresses in it such as Peg from Married with Children who stars as Gemma, Jax his mother. 

So I've found my tv show for at least another two weeks. If you haven't seen it, just watch it, you won't regret it. 

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