I bought my first reflex camera

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First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hadn't done that yet so :).
Hope you all had a wonderful evening and had loads of fun. 

Here in Belgium we have sales in january and I thought it was the perfect time to get myself a present. I bought the Canon EOS 1100D with EFS 18-55mm IS II lens and I'm so happy with it! It has been years since I had my own camera, my previous one was this cheap compactcamera that stopped working after a few months, ever since I used my cellphone to take pictures en I was getting tired of it. 

I haven't figured everything out yet and haven't discovered all the possibilities yet and it will probably take a while but I've already figured some things out and took some pictures with it.

boyfriend was having fun with the camera

I do know that'll never be like a professional photographer and I'm going to need loads of time to figure out how everything works but I like taking pictures of things. It's important to me, capturing loads of memories for later in life. 

All Saints Day is on:

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