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I know some of you are still having exams or are studying for them, just like me. So I wanted to share some of my personal tips and tricks on how to survive them and keep you relaxed at most times because I know a lot of you are probably very edgy during this period and it's important to keep your head clear and cool even though that's not always the easiest thing to do.

1. Sleep!
I know it sounds really weird, but sleep as much as you can and on regular hours. I can only hold myself to this during my exam period, every other month of the year I'm up 'til somewhere in the middle of night but not now. Sleep is important because it helps you relax your mind, it's the only moment when you stop thinking about everything and when you're not cramming information in your head. Go to bed at a decent hour like 10 or 11 P.M. and get at least 8 hours of sleep. When you've slept enough and you're well rested it should be a lot easier to study and the information lingers longer in your mind. If you're not a fan of going to bed early take a nap every once and a while as a break.

2. Don't eat less but eat enough en healthier
Keep your stomach full but with good things such as fruit, tea, water, whole grain biscuits... it helps you to get less distracted.

3. Take a break every now and then
Of course your mind can't take 5 hours of studying in a row, my mind can only take up to two hours at a time for example, otherwise I'm getting a major headache and I just have to stop studying for that day. When you take a break, do something fun, watch your favourite tv show or something else. Make sure your mind is at ease and relaxed. I like to watch sons of anarchy during my break, half episodes (25min.) at a time.

4. Start in the morning
It's better to start in the morning because you've just woken up, you're still full of energy and you can just stop ealier which is more relaxing for you. I don't always do this because I overslept or something. Plus if you have a boyfriend you can make time for him in the evening and do something fun.

5. Whatever happens just happens
This doesn't need an much explaining

I know these all seem cliché and every person has its own way of studying but I see a lot of very exhausted and stressy people at my school and I'm like seriously.. it's not like you're going to die if you don't get the highest grades. People need to relax more and just let things happen, if you studied enough then you're going to be just fine. Trust me.

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  1. Ik ben niet aan het leren, maar vond het toch boeiend te lezen :) jij gene examens?

    1. Jawel :( vandaag mijn eerste gehad. Hopelijk zal het snel terug voorbij zijn..