Throwback: 2013

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I don't like to do this but well whatever, let's look back at an entire year all in one post. 
2013 was a pretty shitty year for me, started out not so good and got worse but eventually from october 'til the end of the year it was really good, it ended very well. 

Every year for the past 3 years has started the same for me, january is exam time and 2013 was no better than those years before, You're already bummed enough cause of the facts that you can't really enjoy the holidays and then that. But so far so good, passed everything and I did that again in june 2013. Which was nice for me I liked that. I actually drowned myself in fandoms to keep myself happy, wasn't that bad but it was time consuming and not that healthy after all. 

In april I went to Antwerp Convention for the first time. I was already becoming a permanent FACTS visitors (see this post) a lot smaller than FACTS but still really nice to go too and very cosy, you could find some real bargains there so I'm going back this year.

The summer holidays and september weren't all that fun, I spend a lot of time inside and I had to work for 5 weeks but I earned a lot of money. I also remember that the summer holidays and especially july was a top notch month here, wrote more posts in that month than in any other month of the year so yay for that!

From october onwards everything got better again and I've got one person in particular to thank for that. Anyhow I got back in touch with old friends such as Cynthia from Miss Quinzel, I've know her for like 4 maybe even 5 years, I don't know exactly, but it's so great to have her back in my life and it's good old friendship just like before. Like we never got out of touch. And I saw my best friend Valérie a lot more than before. 

The most important thing that happened in those last months of 2013... I fell in love and I still am.

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  2. aww! I'm so happy to have you back in my life as well! It's like those 3 years never were between us. Thank you so much! <3