Urban shoe myth

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I haven't died, no, just been away for a long while again. I've had a lot to do lately like birthday parties and I like spending time with my boyfriend Ignace so forgive me, again. But I'm proud to say that all is well in my life, more than well, I'm extremely happy and I wouldn't want it any other way. 

I had no classes last week and I spend my days watching one of my old time favorites: Sex And The City! I own the entire series and I watched almost 4 seasons in one week. I had a bit too much time on my hands when I was home. And one thing that always goes with Sex And The City is shoes! I'm jealous of all the pretty shoes Carrie buys but I would never buy 400 dollar shoes, just to be clear. So I cleaned out my closet last week since I had too much time and I finally did something that I wasn't capable of doing before. I threw away shoes. Four pair to be exact and I'm proud of it. But it wouldn't be me, the girl slightly addicted to buying clothes and shoes, if I hadn't replaced one of the four pair already with a pair of wedge sandals that I bought yesterday with my boyfriend in Bruges. 

So last week while I was cleaning and trying on my shoes, I started thinking how it ever got to this. How did I ever got so addicted to buying new shoes because you can only wear one pair at the time. When I was younger I never wanted new shoes, I hated it. I hated fitting them and choosing one pair out of way too many. I wanted my old worn out shoes and never wanted another pair. 

Eventually I decided that it's probably something that comes with age.. as I got older I got more shoes and stopped throwing them away and now I have so many pairs that I could wear a different pair every day for about 3 weeks.. but it's not just that which I was thinking about. Why always women? It seems like it's mostly women that have some sort of shoe addiction and don't say it's because we have so many choice and that stores have a huge selection. Men have as much choice in sorts and styles of shoes than women and yet they usually don't feel the urge to have 5 pairs of almost the exact same shoes. And as I put those old shoes in a bag to throw them away I decided that it's something that will never get a desirable answer and so I'll just keep buying shoes and sometimes, at those moments that I'm confident enough to let go, throw away a pair or two. 

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