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It's been really long since I posted here for which I apologize. But it's never been this busy in my life. I had exams, work, had to re do one of my exams 'cause I failed the first time, more work and now I'm organizing two movings at once.

My sister bought a house not that long ago and she's moving in a couple of weeks to Harelbeke, which is a long way from where I live with my parents, an hour drive to be exact. But the greatest news of all is that my boyfriend is moving into my sister her old apartment which is much closer than he where he lives now and I'm very excited for this! To be honest, I've had more stress about him moving to a new place than he has...

Oh yes, everything is going wonderful with us,

It's also almost time for me to go back to school for the last time, in januari 2015 I should be graduating as a paralegal so I'm very excited about that as well. Just a few more months of working and getting through my internship and I'll be ready to start real life with working everyday. I'm actually truly excited to finish school and starting a real job. I've spend already so much time at school that I'm done with being a student, it's time to become an adult and begin the rest of my life with the person that I love.

In these few busy months I also got my second tattoo (yaay for that!) which you can check out on my instagram since I have no pictures of it on my computer.

I hope you all had a lovely summer as well!

Shana xoxo

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  1. Such a busy lady! How do you find time to do it all! I'm so happy for all your busy-grown up-ness. I always like reading your blog. Hope all goes well for you and your endeavors! Also that picture is adorable!