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We use our phones everyday, either for texting, calling people, checking social media, watching and making vines or videos or playing games. We are addicted to our phones you can't go past that fact and I do admit that I'm no different from anyone else, so I wanted to let you in on what my favorite apps are and why I use them.

The main category of apps that I have are social media apps because I actually use a lot of social media, either to my promote blog, youtubechannel or just to talk to friends. The other type of apps I have are fitness apps because I love them and think they're great for people who don't have time to go to a gym.

This is what the mainscreen of my iPhone looks like.

I have the typical social media apps on my phone like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instragram.. I also have a few games on my phone for when boredom really hits me: TwoDots, AlphaBear and PeggleBlast. I'm a frequent What's App user just because you don't need a Facebook account to use it and it's doesn't irritate me as much. Beside that I also have an app called MullerPhoto which is great for adding filters to photos, the app isn't free though. it costs 0.99€, I really think it's worth it.

 On the second tab of my mainscreen there's Youtube, Blogger and Bloglovin'. I can't live without those apps. Blogger is great for when I have random ideas for my blogt. I can type them in a new blogpost save it as a draft and continue to work on it at home, Bloglovin' is fantastic for following other blogs and reading blogs on the go.

I have three health and workout apps. The first is Nike+, it's an app that comes with iPhone now and it's amazing for keeping track of your runs and progress. There is even the possibility to train with a workout plan e.g. a marathon or even just 5k runs.

The other two health/workout apps are MyFitnessPal and Sworkit. MyFitnessPal is good for keeping track of what you eat, how much and many calories something contains. You have the possibility to add and search products, scan barcodes on products and even add certain recipes. I usually use it to keep myself balanced at all times. 

Sworkit is a great app for working out at home. Since it's getting colder I won't have as much determination to go outside so I had to find a good alternative for a gym because I'm no big fan of gymsubscriptions. Sworkit let's you choose what you want. Exercises for weight loss, general health, toning muscles, building more muscles... I choose general health, balance and toning muscles. It's a great alternative for running and it only takes about 5 tot 10 minutes a day and most importantly it's not repetitive.

That's it for the apps that I absolutely love. What are the apps that you can't miss? Tell me in the comment section below.

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